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About Us

PoomBox Design was established in 2007 by Poom Poochaiyanont with the goal of providing low-cost online customer acquisition solutions through SEO for small businesses who are looking to build a strong online presence, attract customers, fully embrace growth and, ultimately, boost revenues. Our SEO techniques combine small-scale web development, graphic design and local SEO practices into one effective and affordable package. Small business owners, when first starting out, shouldn’t be burdened with unnecessary expenses. Their main focus should be growth. With this goal in mind, we set out to offer our clients a valuable service that won’t drain their bank accounts. Did we forget to mention that we’re completely fascinated by local SEO? It’s our passion, and it’s our bread and butter.

Our friends and supporters..

Barry D. Rose, Attorney at Law
One of our staunch supporters and a very skilled Bellevue Divorce Attorney and Bellevue Divorce Lawyer with over 19 years of experience!

Interbay Transport Logistics
A client of ours and also an excellent Portland Auto Transport company who really knows how to keep their customers happy!

David E. Reed, Attorney at Law
We owe this Bellevue Business Lawyer a great deal of appreciation and gratitude. He happens to be our very first client who’s been with us since 2007!

Rad Seattle Condo Inspector with over 25 years of experience, get in touch with them for building and home inspections in Seattle.

Durkee and Hennessey
If you’re looking for experienced and knowledgeable Seattle Construction Attorneys or Litigation Attorneys in Seattle, the awesome team at this firm is your best bet!

Seattle Condo Review by Wendy Leung
Wendy runs the longest-running local blog for buying Seattle condos and she’s also our newest client! If you’re a Seattle condo buyer or a seller, Wendy’s Seattle Condo Blog is one of the best local resources out there.

Rivers Business Law
Our most recent supporter who’s a Bellevue Business Lawyer and Seattle Securities Lawyer with years of legal experience under her belt.

NorMed & HART Health
A leading manufacturer of first aid supplies as well as a provider of reliablefirst aid services.