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Our Steps

Strong local SEO can be the difference between a business with a few clients and a business with tens or even hundreds of clients. Ranking well for local search terms is a process that requires a solid investment of time and energy. We’re here to do all the work while you reap the benefits!

1. Local Keyword Research and Market Report

We will compile data from our preliminary research on relevant keywords and on the SEO of your competitions into an easy-to-digest report that will be shared with you before the start of the campaign. This report will help you understand which local keywords to target in order to maximize your exposure to the right audience and in the right market. The keywords presented in the report are not set in stone and will continue to change overtime based on strengths of your competitions, your developing SEO rankings and your business goals. We understand that your business will evolve overtime and our mission is to design your online campaign that reflects your growth!

2. Google Analytics Setup

At the beginning of the campaign, our first task will be installing Google Analytics on your site. We will use this tool establish a solid baseline that we can use track your traffic from all sources and to monitor whether these traffic are properly converting into sales. What if you do already have this tool installed? No problem, we’ll still go ahead and make sure that everything is set up properly and traffic from all sources (social media, search, referring sites, inbound links) are all being tracked.



3. Optimization: Making Your Page Search Engine Friendly

We will continually make technical adjustments to your site’s architecture (title tag, meta tag, linking, headings and much more!) to keep it healthy and optimized for the keywords identified in our preliminary report. We will also be making recommendations to your verbiage to include the keywords. In addition, we’ll be helping you with site’s redesign and web development in order to ensure that your site can convert traffic to sales. Last but not least, we’ll implement several fancy local SEO enhancements (Geo-tagging, KML file and more) to fully optimize your webpage for the local searches. Google loves sites that are very friendly to their crawlers and our goal is to make sure your page fits the bill in order to get you ranked in the top placements!



4. Build Out Your Local Search Profiles

Your Google Place Page is an essential element in local search and we’re here to do all the heavy work associated with this page. We’ll go through the Place Page and optimize it, field by field, in order to get your page up to speed, and perform, for our targeted keywords. Beyond your Google Place Page, we’ll also be auditing your other existing local search profiles such as Yelp and Bing Local. We’ll optimize these pages if you already have them claimed. If not then no problem, we’ll personally help you claim them!


5. Get Your Business Listed, Cited and Socially Mentioned

Having an optimized webpage and optimized local search profiles is great, but having incoming links from relevant sites and directories is critical to finally claim your place in top local search rankings (combined with having optimized webpage and local search profiles, of course!). We’ll be submitting your sites to highly authoritative web listings, directories, and blogs in order to help build quality incoming links that will score well in Google’s algorithm. Google LOVES social media for local searches, therefore we’ll also be utilizing the social heavyweights (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and more) to get more mentions and help you gain authority and wider coverage for your targeted keywords. The more social mentions you receive, the more likely your targeted audience will find your business!


6. Monthly Optimization: Making Sure You Stay at The Top

Unfortunately, SEO is not a one-time investment and will always be an ongoing process. This is due to the constantly changing landscape of the search engine technologies, evolving search algorithms and best practices, and the SEO of your competitors. We’ll be working diligently every month to ensure that your webpage is constantly optimized and that you stay on top of the best search practices. Our goal is to help you maintain top placements in search engines and be constantly visible to all of your potential customers!


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